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  1. Dear Michael
    I am a teacher and I have no problem with your website. In fact I think it is such a good thing that I have a suggestion for you which I know would go down a storm with teachers in the UK: Rate my Inspector.com.

    I don’t know how much you know about Ofsted, but most teachers have stories about how inspectors have been rude and intimidating during the inspection process. Others however are friendly and helpful.

    In one recent article in the Times Educational Supplement, an Ofsted inspection team put a school (which had previously been outstanding) into special measures, and were so rude to the headteacher that he lost all confidence in himself and resigned. A few days later, Ofsted recanted on the report and said that they had made an error with the initial number crunching.

    In view of the number of horror stories that I have been privy to in my short career of 4 years, I feel that a RateMyInspector.com website would help teachers to feel more empowered and give them an outlet for their feelings (no matter how unofficial!)

    What do you think?

    Kind regards

  2. Hello Mr. Husser,

    I am a graduate student in economics at Harvard University. I have a couple of research and business ideas that I would love to discuss with you. One if the ideas would simply further our knowledge of education. The other idea has both financial and humanitarian goals, and might improve life in countries around the world. I am very excited about this idea and I think you might be, too. Please shoot me an email ASAP if you get the chance.

    Thanks so much for your time,

  3. Hey Michael,

    Cool stuff – what are you working on lately?

    best of luck to you and your family

  4. Hello,
    I own the domain name ratemypediatrician.com and I figured I would post it on this site to see if anyone was interested in purchasing it. I have noticed that all mom’s talk about their pediatricians and figured it would be a good name. Thank you,

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