A Quick Swim in Lake Ohrid

Michael found the beaches in Tushemisht too littered for a comfortable non-repugnant swim, so he seemingly decided to give up on Lake Ohrid. We stopped in quite a few places with better cleaner beaches than Tushemisht; Pogradec was one of these places. But Michael seemed convinced in his decision so I stopped asking him if he wanted to take a dip. Driving back from Pogradec to Tirana, however, he just suddenly pulled over in the middle of nowhere, and told me he’s changed his mind as he was taking his shirt off. So he went in for a quickie. I’m glad he did, so glad I didn’t want to ruin his moment by asking him to put his shirt back on when we drove off. I should have, it was a little embarrassing when he was pulled over by a cop, shirtless, for trying to pass a big truck on a narrow and curvy pass.

Quick Swim in Lake Ohrid

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