Last night in Tirana

Taiwan Center

After a long day looking at churches and sites in the southeast of Albania, we worked our way back to Tirana in time to have a late dinner with Kejda’s cousin Dasara. We chose the Taiwan Center, even though we’d been there once already earlier in the week. The food is amazing and the prices are so reasonable, it is hard to believe.

When we finished our dinner, we walked back to the Mercedes (which had just been over 1000 kilos of some of the worst roads known to cars without any incident whatsoever) to discover a flat tire. That was cruel irony, given how tired we were.

We went home – got a couple hours sleep, and set out for the airport around 330AM in the middle of a quiet Tirana night. Kejda dropped me off (she would stay an extra couple of weeks with her family – I had to get back to work) and alone I set off back to New York, grateful for the experience, eager to return.


Driving Home to Tirana

After squeezing in as many sites as possible, it was finally time to get back to Tirana for a late dinner and to catch a few hours of sleep before I had to set out to Rinas Airport for a real early flight back home. Here are a few photos of that quiet and relaxing drive.

Driving Home to Tirana - Aug 3, 2006 - 13 Photos

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Welcome to Tirana

The view from Kejda's apartment. Welcome to Tirana.

Jet lagged, we awoke to our first day in Tirana (after checking into a hotel the previous evening).  Spent the day walking around, meeting the family, eating at Kolonat (the Albanian McDonald’s rip-off) and getting our bearings.

My introduction to Kejda’s father was when he picked us up at the hotel, and walked into the middle of a shouting match between Kejda and the hotel’s owner, who was over-charging us for the room. There was some mighty fury and I admit to being sort of scared, not really knowing much of anything about the city or its people.

Eventually things settled down just enough for us to get out of there, though the yelling continued even as we were getting into the car.

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