Good Morning – Tushemisht, Albania

Tushemisht – Morning

Since we arrived so late and exhausted the previous night, we walked around a bit in the morning to see the beaches in Tushemisht near the Hotel Millenium. I was pretty disappointed with the amount of trash that the locals were throwing on the beach and in a small stream that was feeding into the southern shore; disappointed enough to not want to go swimming there. The Millenium Hotel was great, with an amazing view of Lake Ohrid, but sadly I remember the unkempt nature of the beach as a lasting impression.


This beach has only recently gotten that dirty. It’s all superficial (though heavy) pollution. I mean that the water of the lake and the beaches themselves are very clean so once you manage to dive in, it’s pretty pleasant. The locals put up with the thrash because most of them just don’t know any better, but it’s unlikely that any tourist will excuse the flagrant negligence and disregard in maintaining the beach. Tushemisht has always been pretty isolated, and members of the bureau would come there in the summer to spend their holidays during communism. I know their villas are somewhere around the coast of the lake, but I’ve never seen them; I guess I haven’t been in Tushemisht all that often. There are some really nice restaurants in the area, but unfortunately we didn’t have time to eat there. I suggest anyone to try the Koran fish, it’s endemic to Lake Ohrid so you won’t find it anywhere else, not that fresh anyway.


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