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RateMyFace makes the New York Times, sort of…

NY Times: ‘Face Time,’ With a Twist

Times reporter Matt Richtel called me this week to discuss the rapid growth of my first RateMy site, RateMyFace. Two days ago Matt called me back and told me his editors couldn’t publish our URL in the article since we allow users age 13 and up (whereas AmIHotorNot is 18+), even though our site launched over a year ago and there have been no issues with any of our members. Better than nothing, they still published some quotes of mine — but it is a shame that AmIHotorNot is going to get the major credit for my concept.

For example, Michael Hussey, 22, a recent graduate of the University of Maine, helped found Infinite Medium, a company that has a similar site, except that his site has become something of a dating hub. It has had roughly 7,000 pictures and gets 150,000 page views a day, and it is not restricted to adults. The site says it is open to anyone 13 or older. No pornography is allowed, but teenagers can and do post seductive images with suggestive user names and self-descriptions.

”We’re putting the responsibility in the hands of the surfers,” Mr. Hussey said, adding that parents needed to take care about where their children went online.

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