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Baby 3.0, welcome to the world.

Welcome to this crazy world, Eleanor. xoxo

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  1. Justin Lewis says: October 24, 201611:14 am

    I just read some posts on your blog. I found a note I had written from circa 2009 with many of your links on it you had told me about – your website, your wife’s blog, your secret-at-the-time “cakesecret” identity and others. We met, just once, at Junto. I wanted to connect with you because I saw in you a fellow big-minded person who was up to good in the world. I think I sent you an email at the time, but we never connected. I’m writing you to connect, my brother in business! I see how capable you are and believe we will be able to help each other gain in this world. Please get back to me that we may reconnect!

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