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  1. kathe says: February 18, 20072:27 am

    Hi Michael, I am wondering if you have done any research about the surname Hussey? It is my maiden name and I have found it comes from the County Kerry in Ireland. The Hussey family emigrated to NY/Boston starting in 1904…although I think some Hussey family members may have come over before that. My great great grandfather was Edward Hussey, his son was John Hussey and John’s six sons were Patrick, Thomas, John, Edward, Michael and James. The family centered around the Dingle area…Fahamore and the Maharees Peninsula. I’d be interested to hear if you have any information to share about the Hussey family. Thanks! Kathe Hussey Fraga Bainbridge Island, Washington

  2. frank says: March 2, 20072:31 pm

    Thanks very much for creating the ratemyteachers website. I do hope your proud of yourself in breaking down the trust between pupils and teachers here in the UK. Your parents must be proud. Fantastic how you have managed for pupils to write what they like using text messaging slang about anything that takes their fancy. For example, imagine a pupil who gets a detention for not completing coursework etc….hmmm…i wonder. Are they going to leave positive feedback or negative!

    I will personally now set up a website based on you so that ALL teachers in the uk can leave their comments about how they feel regarding YOUR professionalism and lack of respect for the difficult jobs we do.

    Have fun reading the web comments. I am sure you will find them as nice to read as UK teaching staff. Oh and by the way teachers do not like their details being left on a public website POSITIVE or NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!!

    What goes around comes around.

  3. MPH says: March 11, 200710:37 pm

    70% of the ratings on RateMyTeachers are positive. Students are not using it to bash teachers. Take a look at our rules: http://www.ratemyteachers.com/info.php?type=RateRules

  4. glenys tabrum says: September 10, 20088:12 pm

    My mother in Law is Joan Marg. Tabrum
    we are doing a Heritage Album for her
    wondered if you were related to Paula in Ch Ch New Zealand
    Could you be related to Joans Uncle Doug and Eilleen I guess Joan has the facts write he turned Catholic
    when he marrried her
    was the Gardener of the Amberley Park garden in CHCH
    We Peter and myself have three sons and two daughters. Two grandchildren. One dog and two cats. (Two of our sons love cricket.)

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