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Married today

Kejda and I were married today in a small ceremony at my sister’s house.

Michael and Kejda
by lucillehussey

  1. Mom says: June 2, 20084:18 pm

    I am so happy that you found each other, I wish you a long happy life together.

  2. albiqete says: June 5, 20087:34 pm

    A beatiful couple

  3. Linda says: July 18, 20085:24 am

    May your life together be as happy as your wedding day!

    With love for both of you

  4. John McCallie says: September 27, 20087:42 pm

    Unquestionably, you are two very special people. We hope your marriage is just as wonderful as ours has been. Please come visit.

    John & Joanne

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