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Open Source Media Launch

I was able to attend yesterday’s launch party for Open Source Media (formerly Pajamas Media) at Rockefeller Center and the W Hotel. It was most exciting to put faces to many of the blogs that I read on a regular basis. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame, who CEO Roger Simon dubbed “The George Washington of Blogs” had the aura of a rock star, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with him for a few minutes. There were some excellent panelists, including an elitist, out-of-touch NY Times fashion reporter, Elizabeth Hayt who shamelessly and cluelessy excoriated the blogosphere as an activity for “rich people with too much time on their hands,” all-the-while nearly being laughed off the stage. Judith Miller was the keynote speaker at lunch, though I felt she was a bit off-putting with her praise of NY Times standards (which I know first hand are not what they claim, from a 2003 un-sourced hit piece they published on RateMyTeachers). Regardless, it was all quite interesting, taking place in a great setting.

Michael Hussey and Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit
With Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame!

  1. Josh says: November 29, 20058:16 pm

    Hey Mike…

    I was just thinking about the only RMF days and got to thinking whatever happened to you. I checked your LJ, found it abandoned, so I Googled and low and behold, this was the first site that popped up.

    Anywho, I was just passing by and thought I’d leave a “passing comment”.


    Josh (AKA Toronto1979)

  2. Howie says: January 29, 200612:36 pm

    Hey we share initials. Have you moved I note you have not updated lately. Send me a link and I’ll post you on The Jawa report because of the initials mainly.

  3. David says: March 11, 20065:57 am

    Good god, you’re such a square Hussey.

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