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After nearly 17 years, four children, two companies, we are saying goodbye to our NYC and hello to my home state of Maine.

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Every January Spotify releases your personalized top-100 most played tracked from the previous year. I always look forward to this playlist, as it is a most interesting way to self-reflect on your mood, thoughts, and feelings from the past year. The only reason the list below doesn’t list all 100 songs is because my wife sometimes used my account (we moved to a family plan earlier this year), and some of her songs ended up in the rankings. The below 75 are songs I played, along with comments on why they made the list. I’ve also included an embedded Spotify playlist if you are interested in listening to the songs yourself. If you want to go directly to the playlist, MPH’s Top-75 Songs of 2018.

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Rank Track Artist Album Comments
1 Yamasuki Yamasuki Singers Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki This was the top requested road trip song from the kids — and it was often played loud and on repeat
2 Shadow Chromatics Shadow I listened to a lot of David Lynch inspired playlists this year — great for when I need to focus on my work
3 California Dreamin' – Single Version The Mamas & The Papas If You Can Believe Your Eyes & Ears First song in my Mamas & The Papas playlist – which I listen to a lot – espcially in the morning
4 Tulou Tagaloa Olivia Foa'i Moana (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Deluxe Edition) Girl's favorite road album
5 (The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance Gene Pitney 18 All-Time Greatest Hits Kejda probably influenced this — still a great song
6 Super Trouper ABBA ABBA Gold Rosamund's favorite song
7 Sloop John B – Remastered The Beach Boys Pet Sounds (Original Mono & Stereo Mix Versions) One of the best songs and albums of all time
8 How Far I'll Go Auli'i Cravalho Moana (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Deluxe Edition) Girls / Road Trip
9 Golliwogg's Cakewalk No. 6 Claude Debussy Isao Tomita Tomita's Greatest Hits Tomita fan — especially the Debussy covers
10 Anywhere Rita Ora Anywhere A little embarrassing to see this one so high up
11 No Reply – Remastered 2009 The Beatles Beatles For Sale (Remastered) Favorite song from favorite Beatle's album
12 Lightnin' Strikes Lou Christie Lightnin’ Strikes: The Very Best Of The MGM Recordings The girl's love to dance in a circle to this song
13 You Baby (Mono) The Turtles You Baby / Let Me Be This song captured my attention this year — got to be The Turtle's best song. This song just feels like 1966.
14 Rum And Coca-Cola – Single Version The Andrews Sisters 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best Of The Andrews Sisters I think I've somehow somehow listened to this song once or twice a month.
15 Sukiyaki Kyu Sakamoto The Best of Kyu Sakamoto Found out Slick Rick borrowed a verse from a lesser know cover of this classic song (for "La Di Da Di") — and was surprised to see how often covered it was.
16 Somewhere Only We Know Keane Somewhere Only We Know Good for late night working
17 96 Tears ? & The Mysterians 96 Tears Great to listen to anytime
18 Enough Honey Alison Sudol Enough Honey Late night working background music
19 He's a Rebel The Crystals He's A Rebel A top-10 all-time song for me – wall of sound at its best
20 I Call Your Name The Mamas & The Papas If You Can Believe Your Eyes & Ears Mama Cass always
21 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood The Animals Animal Tracks Every year brings lots of Animals and British Invasion – one of my favorites here
22 I'll Never Find Another You The Seekers The Ultimate Collection Sounds like something from 1964 Greenwich Village — but this is an Aussie band (Aussie is always a few years behind). Great song and harmonies.
23 Time Of The Season (Mono Version) The Zombies Odessey And Oracle The song reminds me most of October and October weather
24 Wouldn't It Be Nice – Mono The Beach Boys Pet Sounds (50th Anniversary Edition) Pet Sounds – one of the best of all time
25 Walkin' After Midnight Patsy Cline The Very Best Of Patsy Cline This song might be playing if I'm working past midnight.
26 Two Faces Have I Lou Christie Lou Christie What a song…
27 Monday, Monday – Single Version The Mamas & The Papas If You Can Believe Your Eyes & Ears The girls also like Mama Cass
28 Where You Are Christopher Jackson Rachel House Nicole Scherzinger Auli'i Cravalho Louise Bush Moana (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Deluxe Edition) Road trip favorite for the family (see above)
29 Clair de Lune, No. 3 Claude Debussy Isao Tomita Tomita's Greatest Hits Debussy by Tomita always wins
30 Bad To Me Billy J. Kramer British Invasion Gold Written by the Beatles
31 A Lover's Concerto The Toys The Toys Sing "A Lover's Concerto" and "Attack!" Pretty much a perfect song
32 Here Comes My Baby The Tremeloes Even The Bad Times Are Good This is the defining song of Wes Anderson's "Rushmore"
33 Tower Of Strength Gene McDaniels The Johnny Mann Singers Best Of Gene McDaniels Horns support Gene McDaniel's voice perfectly
34 I Am Waiting The Rolling Stones Aftermath One of my favorite Stones songs
35 Good Lovin' – Single Version The Young Rascals Time Peace: The Rascals' Greatest Hits I remember my father playing this with his bandmates in our basement when I was a kid
36 Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Album Version With Introduction The Mamas & The Papas The Papas & The Mamas More Mama Cass – of course.
37 Bring It On Home To Me The Animals Animal Tracks Another song I remember well from my father's band.
38 Razzle Dazzle Rose Camera Obscura Let's Get Out Of This Country A song I discovered this year through a Spotify suggested playlist personalized to my listening habits. This band is fantastic.
39 Mamma Mia ABBA ABBA Gold The kids love dancing to Abba. I also like them.
40 Do You Realize?? The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (U.S. Version) I'm not sure I realized this song was by The Flaming Lips. It's good.
41 Embryonic Journey Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow Solid instrumental. Doesn't sound like their most popular songs.
42 See You In September The Happenings The Happenings Classic 1960's New Jersey sound
43 She's Not There The Zombies Begin Here The Zombies always seem to make my lists.
44 Different Drum Stone Poneys Evergreen Vol.2 Linda Ronstadt has a perfect voice.
45 Our Day Will Come Ruby And The Romantics Our Day Will Come I could listen to this song anytime.
46 Dedicated To The One I Love The Mamas & The Papas Deliver Mamas & The Papas playlist works morning or night
47 The Pied Piper Crispian St. Peters Follow Me… Pretty much a perfect pop song – up and down
48 Queen Jane Approximately Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Sing Big hits by Burt Bacharach…Hal David…Bob Dylan I like this version better than the Dylan original.
49 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – US Single Version The Animals Animal Tracks My favorite Animals track
50 Weightless Again The Handsome Family Through the Trees Kejda got me into this band after listening to the True Detective title theme "Far From Any Road"
51 3 Chorales for Organ: Chorale in A Minor M. 40,César Franck David Sanger,Franck: Complete Organ Music Turn this on with the lights off
52 Abracadabra Steve Miller Band Abracadabra I'm glad to see a Steve Miller track in this year's list – this is one I remember specifically pulling up a few times
53 He's Sure the Boy I Love The Crystals He's A Rebel The best of the girl group era
54 Douze coffrets studieux: IV. Pour les sixtes (Poem from Lucien Noullez from Debussy's Etudes, L. 136) Claude Debussy Elodie Vignon Clara Inglese Claude Debussy: Etudes Surprised to see this on here — but I listen to a lot of Debussy
55 Saturday Desire Windswept David Lynch!
56 Sing For Your Supper The Mamas & The Papas Deliver I think this is my favorite Mamas & The Papas song
57 Blue Velvet Bobby Vinton The Best Of Bobby Vinton David Lynch!
58 Never My Love Astrud Gilberto Windy Great alternative to The Association's version of "Never My Love"
59 Broken Hearted Melody Sarah Vaughan The Complete Sarah Vaughan On Mercury Vol.3 Listen to that voice. Wow.
60 Ringo Lorne Greene Welcome to the Ponderosa Fun
61 Kono Samourai Yamasuki Singers Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki More road trip music
62 Danke Schoen Wayne Newton Danke Schoen I like to ask our daughters if this is sung by a boy or a girl
63 Miserere Mei Gregorio Allegri Armonico Consort Christopher Monks Naked Byrd One of the greatest pieces of music ever created by man. Right?
64 Uptown The Crystals He's A Rebel 10 out of 10
65 Atlantis Dory Previn Dory Previn This one kept coming back into my playlists. Very sad song.
66 I'm A Loser – Remastered 2009 The Beatles Beatles For Sale (Remastered) Makes sense to see this here. Beatles for Sale is my favorite Beatles album.
67 Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Rodgers And Hart Song Book I think this song was suggested by a Spotify weekly list and saved it for repeat listens.
68 Baby Don't Go Sonny & Cher The Beat Goes On 9.9/10 – Cher's best
69 Time Won't Let Me The Outsiders Capitol Collectors Series Another favorite song I remember well from my youth – one my father used to play with his band
71 I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City Harry Nilsson Harry I probably listen to less Nilsson (and similar stuff) these days – but this one is really good anytime.
72 Pipeline The Chantays Pipeline Not much you can say about this — except of course.
73 Young Folks Peter Bjorn and John Writer's Block How old is this song? I have no idea.
74 Laugh, Laugh The Beau Brummels Introducing The Beau Brummels Harmonica + vocal harmonies well put will go a long way. Exhibit A.
75 God Only Knows – Mono The Beach Boys Pet Sounds (50th Anniversary Edition) Really listen to this song…

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Welcome to this crazy world, Eleanor. xoxo

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Nearly a year ago, we spun a nascent analytics engine called PeekAnalytics out of PeekYou. At the time of the spinout, I left the day-to-day operations of PeekYou and put all our focus into retooling and rebuilding everything, with a focus on bringing this technology to the B2B world; leveraging seven years of knowledge and best practices. I’m proud to announce that we are now live with version 2.0 of our database and platform — and to mark the launch, we are heretofore known as StatSocial. The data and taxonomy we’ve built is unlike anything I’ve seen in the wide world of data. We look forward to leveraging this technology across a number of marketing verticals (analytics, targeting, CRM). Stay tuned.


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Welcome to the world, Fleur.


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After many months of careful legal review, we’ve now officially spun PeekAnalytics out from PeekYou LLC into a new company. As of today, I am CEO of PeekAnalytics Inc. This spin-out will allow us to better focus resources and deliver to the market what has become an incredible product. I can truly say there is nothing else like it. Stay tuned.

Much of the same can be said for PeekYou, which has now recovered from Hurricane Sandy setbacks. PeekYou is in good hands and won’t skip a beat, with long-time employees Tom Lynch and Lane Gillespie stepping up to man the day-to-day operations. We still believe PeekYou should be one of the top-100 sites on the Web. The good news is we’re climbing back up those rankings. I’m stepping back from day-to-day business, yet will continue to advise the company as a Director.

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What happened in 2012?

  • My wife and I had our first child. I can’t make up my mind on if these past nine months have been the longest or quickest of my life. Either way, they have been the most rewarding.
  • Visited Albania, where my daughter’s great-grandmothers were both able to meet her. That was incredible.
  • Business had many ups (record traffic, revenue, and the launch of PeekAnalytics) and downs (Hurricane Sandy took out our servers and hit us hard; I also lost two memorable employees), but overall, it was the most accomplished year of my professional life and I feel very good about 2013.
  • My 2012 new years resolution was to lose ~20lbs and keep it off for good – and I accomplished that goal. How? My doctor and I dubbed my diet “Atkinsonian,” in that I eat very few carbs from Monday through Thursday, and I eat whatever I want on Friday through Sunday. Another bonus, my LDL cholesterol is down 60 points and I have more energy.
  • Our cat, Tefta, passed away. She was my birthday gift to Kejda in May 2007. We sort of rescued Tefta from a crazy cat lady (picture a 1br apartment with at least 40 cats). We estimate that she lived to some age between 10 and 12. We miss her and her calm and generous temperament.
  • Spent a lot of time studying the decline and fall of the Roman republic and empire. (url1) (url2) (url3)
  • Moved back to downtown Manhattan (after a one year experiment in the Upper West Side).
  • Sites I started reading every day: ZeroHedge and Marginal Revolution.
  • Favorite restaurants we discovered this year: Matilda, Da Mikele, Villa Mosconi.
  • My resolution for 2013: no excuses.

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    Big milestone for the PeekYou team today, as we announced the launch of PeekAnalytics.

    Here’s how we describe the company:

    PeekAnalytics delivers enterprise-class Twitter analytics that help marketers understand their social consumers. By identifying where Twitter users exist elsewhere on the Web, PeekAnalytics offers an unparalleled level of demographic and psychographic insights from consumer data aggregated not just from Twitter, but from over sixty social sites and every major blog platform. What Nielsen® did for television and radio audiences and ComScore® did for web traffic audiences – PeekAnalytics does for social audiences.

    And so we’re off and running. I’m also looking forward to adding audience analysis on other platforms later this year (e.g. Facebook).

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    For the past nine months, Kejda and I (but mostly Kejda) have been working on a new start-up venture. Even though we just launched today, we’re already experiencing a positive ROI. We’re in this one for the long-term but we definitely expect rapid growth.

    Her name is Rosamund Louise Hussey and after we pulled an all-nighter, she was launched at 2:51 PM today, weighing in at a healthy 6 lbs and 15.8 ounces. And we love her very much.

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    In May, we celebrated PeekYou becoming a top-500 US website. We said we’d throw another party when we hit the top-250….and we just crossed that threshhold this month. In five months, we’ve halved the Quantcast rank and doubled our office space. Additionally, we successfully launched into beta our first B2B offering, PeekAnalytics. All-in-all, it has been a great year.

    PeekYou - Top 250 Quantcast Site

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    I covered what I could in two minutes…which isn’t a whole lot. 🙂

    The data for this report came out of our development work for the upcoming PeekAnalytics.

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    Kejda and I recently returned from ten days in Costa Rica. For the majority of the trip, we stayed at a resort named Rancho Pacifico, in the coastal town of Uvita. While Kejda was not a fan of the capital city of San Jose, just about everything at Rancho Pacifico was awesome.

    Here some of the photos I enjoyed taking. Click the photo for the full resolution images.

    View from the Rancho Pacifico Dining Terrace

    Looking down on The Whale's Tail at Playa Uvita -- taken from the dining terrace at Rancho Pacifico.

    Rancho Pacifico - Luxury Villa

    This is where Dan and Sarah, a newlywed couple we were lucky enough to meet and spend time with, stayed for their seven days at Rancho Pacifico.

    The Rancho Pacifico Spa -- Overlooking Playa Uvita, Costa Rica

    This was Kejda's view as she enjoyed a hot rocks massage at the Rancho Pacifico spa.

    Rancho Pacifico Waterfall

    On the property of the luxury resort Rancho Pacifico is a one kilometer hiking trail which loops down to an amazing waterfall on the Cortezal River (Rio Cortezal).

    Rancho Pacifico Waterfall - Rio Cortezal

    A worthy reward for a challenging hike down from the Rancho Pacifico resort.

    Enjoying the waterfall at Rancho Pacifico

    Enjoying the waterfall

    Crocodile Warning - Playa Uvita

    Crocodile Warning - Playa Uvita

    Old Shipwreck at Playa Piñuela

    Old Shipwreck at Playa Piñuela

    On the Whale's Tail - Playa Uvita, Costa Rica

    On the Whale's Tail - Playa Uvita, Costa Rica

    A storm is brewing over Playa Piñuela

    A storm is brewing over Playa Piñuela

    Vultures feasting on the rocks at Playa Piñuela

    Vultures feasting on the rocks at Playa Piñuela

    Fried Fish at Sea Food Piñuelas

    Fried Fish at Sea Food Piñuelas

    The amazing pizza at Piccola Italia in Uvita, Costa Rica

    A slice of pizza from Piccolo Italia. For our money, this pizza was better than any pizza we've ever tasted in our hometown of New York City. Seriously amazing. The owner, Marcello Sauda, is originally from Brescia, Italy -- and now lives with his family close to the wonderful beaches of Uvita.

    Rancho Pacifico - Pool in the Clouds

    Rancho Pacifico - Pool in the Clouds

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    Andrew Keen interviewing me on May 23, 2011, backstage at Techcrunch Disrupt.

    Questions Andrew asks:

    1) What does PeekYou do?

    2) What’s different about a web indexed around people rather than today’s Web or yesterday’s Web?

    3) So it’s a more effective or more sophisticated Google search?

    4) How does your platform fit into the real-time social web of Twitter and Facebook?

    5) What about people, perhaps like myself, who don’t want to be Peeked at?

    6) What does your company tell us about the way in which the Internet is changing? Is it becoming, as Sean Parker told us in the Social Network, is the place we really live now?

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    Last night, our team celebrated the ascension of PeekYou into the ranks of the top-500 US websites (according to Quantcast.com).

    Many fellow startup entrepreneurs, partners, advisors, investors and members of the press turned out for the event. The most common and gratifying compliment I heard from the attendees was in reference to just how nice the people on our team are. We’re a tight-knit group and everyone genuinely gets along with each other and I am proud to see that shine through.

    And for those who couldn’t make it this time, we’re planning to do it again, only bigger, when we become a top-250 website (this fall?).

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    Punk Prophet Billionaire

    It is hard to describe what I felt watching The Social Network. I knew going in that much of the account it presented of Facebook’s founding was fictional. Certain things, however, hit too close to home not to make me at least a bit sentimental and a bit embarrassed as well. Why should I feel anything? It was a just a movie, right?

    I sometimes pride myself with being one of the first people ever to have been friends with a personal computer for their entire conscious life; although this experience is a commonplace among today’s children. And so, I often wonder — how does my experience compare to that of Mark Zuckerberg and other Internet pioneers? How different of a person am I?

    I watched The Social Network in the middle of a packed New York City audience — and each time a familiar experience was depicted on screen I felt self-conscious, or something like it — as in, how could this audience, seeing this, genuinely understand the excitement over Mark Zuckerberg’s achievement? I felt it acutely because it tasted so much like my own formative years — and I realized how much I would probably like Mark if he were even 50% like the caricature painted in the movie.

    Mark Zuckerberg


    Mark had an overnight success with Facemash.com at Harvard (20K hits in the first day, according to the movie). He was forced to shut it down by Harvard. The summer 1999, between my junior and senior year at the University of Maine, I launched RateMyFace.com (the precursor to HotorNot – referenced in The Social Network), generating over 100K hits in the first weekend.  I shut it down because it was too popular and I had to graduate. I later launched RateMyFaceOff.com (Summer 2000) – which was exactly the same concept as FaceMash – and for the same reasons cited by the Zuckerberg character in the film.
    Course Match – an application Mark developed to help identify who else was in your class at Harvard RateMyProfessors/RateMyTeachers – In 2001, I developed a ratings platform which millions of students have used to date – revolutionizing how students choose their courses and still among the most popular education websites ever created.
    Conceived of Facebook (November 2004) Conceived of IMConnected (Nov 2001)
    Plenty of crazy people trying to leech away his creation Plenty of crazy people trying to leech away my creations
    The Social Network portrayed Mark as someone who walked quickly and/or jogged around campus, so as not to waste time getting from here to there. Not sure if this was the actual Mark’s habit. This sounds minor – but it was one of the most curious parts of the movie for me. I used to be laughed at by my friends for doing the same thing at UMaine. I hated wasting time between locations and hated wasting time getting where I wanted to be.
    Worked with Peter Thiel, the main angel investor of Facebook I only once met Peter Thiel at a lecture here in New York and consider him a business hero of mine. Peter invested in an early and inferior competitor to PeekYou, Wink.com, and more recently in a legitimate competitor, Rapleaf (a similar data company with a different approach). I’ve wanted to work with Peter for years, certain he’d appreciate my take on the future of the Internet.
    Net worth: X billions, liquid Net worth: X millions, but almost entirely tied up in the net worth of PeekYou and RateMyTeachers.


    Did I waste 2002-2003, when I was sitting on business plans, some of which were foundational blueprints for Social Networking? I still am unsure of the answer. My fit-all excuse is that the Internet economy had crashed and investment dollars were scant, to put it mildly – and everyone I presented IMConnected to asked the same question, to which I did not have a good answer: How will it make money? Had I known then what I learned over the following years, I’m certain I could have gotten it off the ground for less start-up capital than I thought I needed but I was afraid to enter into the project without sufficient resources for scaling up immediately (I’d been through that with RateMyFace before and didn’t want to experience a failure to scale again). When Friendster launched in 2003 (as well as AuctionDrop – a copycat of another business plan I spent a lot of time developing) – I was starting to feel sorry for myself (the worst possible thing for an entrepreneur to do).

    The lesson learned was that great ideas are often obvious – and even if they weren’t, someone else will probably think of them eventually and set about their execution. I had a two-year head start on Social Networking (I called it “affinitology”), but failed to execute. Despite knowing full well how important an innovation it was, there was always an excuse to put it off until tomorrow (when I would have the resources to “build it properly”).

    IMConnected - November 2001

    In 2004, after Friendster had essentially failed to scale (my own biggest nightmare come true) and had come and gone from popular public consciouness, MySpace and LinkedIn were ascendant, and Facebook was on the rise (and, I assumed, destined to overtake MySpace by virtue of its well-structured architecture) – I began to obsess over the opportunity lost, but I also wondered about the fate of a site like Friendster, which had all the promise in the world, only to see its opportunity slip away overnight. I wanted to create something eternal – something that would change the way people think about the Internet forever. It was too late for that something to be IMConnected – but I knew I had it in me to think of something else, potentially better, and with the ability to make it happen. I also knew that when it hit me, I wasn’t going to waste a day. I thought about this at least every week for the next couple of years. It was an ongoing obsession and I enjoyed the thought process.

    A couple of years later in April 2006, I woke up in a semi-conscious state of mind, with the crystal-clear concept of re-indexing the web around people almost fully formed in my head – perceiving right away that if I could identify the actual individual behind any given URL, I could create a database that would not only be relevant 100 years from now, but might rank as the most important web database since Google’s. I vowed not to waste a day — and three months later, I had a prototype of the database ready to go. … After much deliberation, I named it PeekYou.

    Today the company is growing by leaps and bounds – month-over-month increases in revenue throughout the past year – we’re hiring great new people, and the markets we are entering into fit as a glove within the original vision. The sometimes ridiculous challenges I’ve faced in building this company are eventually worth writing separate stories about – but we’ll see how things stand a year from now. I’m thankfully surrounded with good people who share my vision for this database and we’re in that period of rapid growth all bootstrapped start-ups dream about.

    The Social Network induced me to reflect back on the past decade. Here are some final thoughts on what I believe I’ve done right and what I’ve done wrong.

    Some big mistakes I’ve made:

    1. Underestimating the urgency of executing my ideas.
    2. Feeling sorry for myself, for whatever reason.
    3. Assuming that everyone who says nice things has my best interests in mind.
    4. Not focusing on building and utilizing my personal network and goodwill – turning down opportunities and lifelines out of stubbornness or fear of failure:
      1. Example: In 2004, Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga (formerly founder of SupportSoft and Tribe), offered me an apprenticeship to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship under him. I thought Mark was awesome, I thought Tribe.net was an interesting approach to social networking, and I thought I could run RateMyTeachers on the side. In the end, I was afraid to move to San Francisco with no money in my pocket. I’ll always regret this – and now I wonder if Mark even remembers me.
      2. Accepting deals I knew were fundamentally flawed, hoping against hope that things would work out in my behalf because my own goodness would eventually win the day for me.

    Best things I ever did:

    1. Retained a lawyer to review my contracts and to negotiate sticking points on my behalf
    2. Sought to create something eternal – I directed my ambition on building something long-lasting instead of placing too much focus on the immediate
    3. The day I conceived of re-indexing the web around people, I did not waste a day in developing a business plan and prototype.
    4. Marrying Kejda – for the first time in my life I was responsible to someone I love as much as myself. I was forced to defend my decisions to someone more intelligent than me. This didn’t stop me from making mistakes – but I have made many fewer mistakes because of her.

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    A few months ago, Kejda and I were perusing Dewolfe and Wood’s bargain book bin. We came across a gem of a book – The Arts by Hendrik van Loon (published in 1937). I’ve much enjoyed reading van Loon’s honest and very personal account of art history, spanning all ages and all types of civilizations.

    Included with the book was an original perfect condition bookmark, which I wanted to scan for preservation. I don’t think van Loon would mind me sharing it here with you.

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    Your mom might stop putting poison in your milk if you click on this banner

    Ron Gallagher just dug up some hilarious code we wrote back in the days designed to induce people to look at and ultimately click on our banner ads. Note, this is not recommended or even legal with most ad networks (e.g. Google Adsense) today. This code was written ten years ago when things still a bit more wild west and before we gave much thought to click-quality. If you are a decent sized publisher, inducing or creating false clicks will ultimately hurt your earnings, as the best ads are those that result in a sale on the advertiser’s site. If you encourage bad clicks, you’ll end up with bad advertisers that don’t convert real customers for your sponsors — and your eCPMs will ultimately adjust downward because of it.

    That said, these click inducements are still hilarious. Good times.

    rmf=# select * from lines;
    id | list
    1 | God commands you to click on this banner
    2 | If you hate hair in your mouth, click on this banner
    3 | If you like kittens, click on this banner
    4 | God would want you to click on this banner
    10 | You cannot buy love, but you can click on this banner
    11 | Clicking on this banner will not help you, but it will make us like 4 cents or something
    12 | Do not click on this banner
    13 | If you have rats in your home, clicking on this banner will make them nicer
    14 | Banners are… well… you know the drill
    15 | If you like paper hats you are a dork. Click the banner
    16 | Our advertiser [above] wanted us to tell you that their product is really good
    18 | Don`t think of it as clicking a banner — think of it as `button sex`
    19 | The above ad has been tested for fun and scored a 10!
    20 | People will think you are cool if you click on this banner
    21 | Your mom might stop putting poison in your milk if you click on this banner
    23 | No trees were destroyed in the making of the above banner
    24 | No animals were harmed in the creation of the banner above
    25 | If you think that we are cheap putting banners up on every page, teach us a lesson and click the banner so hard it breaks
    26 | If you wear glasses, DO NOT click on this banner. It is for non-dorks only
    27 | If you click on this banner, your penis will get bigger. [IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a girl, DO NOT click on this banner!]
    (20 rows)

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    Our office is in an old fashion district building at the edge of Hell’s Kitchen (West 37th St). In the back of our building, a fire escape opens up to what has to be a uniquely New York City vista. This photo was taken on the 6th floor, between 37th and 38th St, looking from west to east (from 8th ave to 7th ave side).

    To see this photo in the original 1.4 gigapixel resolution, click here.

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    Kejda and I just returned from Albania, where we spent two weeks visiting her family and touring the southern half of the country. We keep a separate blog dedicated to our Albanian trips, where we’ll soon describe our daily activities in greater depth.

    For my birthday, I bought myself a Gigapan robot it is safe to say I am slightly obsessed with it. What is the Gigapan?

    The GigaPan Epic and Epic 100 make it easy to capture incredibly detailed images and works seamlessly with the GigaPan Stitcher and GigaPan.org. The Epic allows your camera to take tens, hundreds or even thousands of photos. These images are combined into a single gigapixel panorama by the GigaPan Stitcher. You can then view, share and explore the incredible detail of your panoramas at GigaPan.org.

    Here are some of the panoramas we composed during the trip. Click the images to access the full resolution shots (some as large as 5,000 megabytes).

    Hotel Liro - Vlore, Albania

    Berat, Albania

    Ksamil, Albania

    Sunset above Lin, Albania

    On a communist-era bunker in Lin, Albania

    Llogara Pass

    Tirana Panorama

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    Today we submitted an extensive utility patent with the goal of securing many of the database and web technologies we are pioneering at PeekYou. It has been a privilege over this past year to work with the excellent team at Patterson, Thuente, Skaar & Christensen. I’m very excited about the next stage of our company — much more to come throughout 2009. Stay tuned.

    Here it is the patent text in full:

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    For the most part, I try to keep my atheism and libertarianism private, as most people are rightly sensitive about religion and politics. While I hold strong views on the role of the State and am averse to mysticism of all stripes, I get along with people from all walks of life. My best friends are libertarians, socialists, evangelical Christians, anarchists, atheists, republicans, democrats, and more. I’m also a busy person, having spent most of my time since 1999 focusing on building new web technologies and businesses, some of which have marginally improved the lives of millions of people across the globe.

    About a year ago, in response to a troubling vibe I felt emanating from the Obama presidential campaign, I created the following video under the pseudonym cakesecret. I utilized a song from one of my favorite bands, CAKE, to compare the Obama movement to a religious movement (I wasn’t necessarily the first to note this analogy, but I was certainly ahead of the curve). The video became viral almost immediately, quickly generating over 100K views before YouTube/Google censored it (details here).

    Last summer I created a Twitter account under that same pseudonym to help draw attention to what Google/YouTube had done. Due to my video’s success, my Twitter account attracted thousands of followers. After some consideration, my wife eventually convinced me that it was foolish not to take credit for a video that clearly struck a chord with so many, and for which I have nothing to be ashamed. I’ve changed the twitter account from @popcontest and @cakesecret to @husseymichael so you can follow me there, if you like.

    Here is the video:

    For the record, I did not vote in 2008 (first and last time I did was in 1996, for Bill Clinton). I subscribe to the Peter Thiel view that technology is the greatest practical force for freedom in the modern world, but the underlying philosophical ideas supporting individual rights matter the most.

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    “I’m very much in favor of free market economics; probably quite a bit more liberal on most of the social issues; and I believe basically that individual freedom is very important, and that we live in a world in the 21st century where there will either be a lot more or a lot less; and that the politics matter and ideas matter because the choices people make will be of decisive importance in determining, you know, how the 21st century is gonna shape up. You know the 20th century was sort of a great and the terrible century at the same time. And I think the 21st has every indication of being far greater and far more terrible.”

    Follow me on Twitter here.

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    Good news.

    Patrick Nagle and I have agreed to partner up to re-focus and build RateMyTeachers.com. Patrick is well known for buying RateMyProfessors.com, improving it, and selling it to Viacom/MTVu. He is also the creator of Swooks (originally Switch Textbooks), a used textbook swap and sell service.

    Stay tuned, for good things to come.

    RateMyTeachers Logo

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    Kejda and I were married today in a small ceremony at my sister’s house.

    Michael and Kejda
    by lucillehussey

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    An ode to the sad life of Hillary Clinton backed by the famous Abba song, The Winner Takes It All.

    The judges will decide
    The likes of me abide
    Spectators of the show
    Always staying low
    The game is on again
    A lover or a friend
    A big thing or a small
    The winner takes it all

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