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RateMyTeachers on CNN

Today I was interviewed on CNN’s “In the Money” regarding RateMyTeachers.com. I was behind Wolf Blitzer in the makeup line. All I could muster was a weak “Hello” with a faint nod of the head. He looked really focused on getting to the news desk and I suppose I didn’t want to disturb him. He had a good, positive, disposition about him, though. All-in-all, an interesting experience, even though it felt like a radio interview (all I had was a ear piece to listen to the questions – I had no idea with whom I was speaking). Here is a recent USA Today article, as well. Overall, the press exposure has been great.

  1. Patrick Maloney says: January 1, 20068:24 am

    Mike that’s the coolest thing I have ever seen. I hope you are having a good holiday in NY and keep kicking butt.
    Patrick Maloney

  2. Dave says: April 15, 200610:30 pm

    I have been rated on your website. I do like parts of it. I have been rated well by students who like me. However, the things that I do not agree with is the ability of being able to post without name. I have had several hurtful things written about me by students. The group of work with has some of the toughest and hardest students in the school. I work my butt off to ensure that they recieve a proper education. I care about every one of them. I am tough, but fair. Because of this, I get a swift kick in the butt by those that I don’t allow to run rough shod over me. In my opinion, if you can’t say it too my face don’t say it at all.

  3. MPH says: July 20, 20063:55 pm

    Take an actual look at the site and you will notice that “the kid who doesn’t go to class, doesn’t do his or her work, and frankly doesn’t “give a damn” also doesn’t give a damn enough to rate his or her teachers either. We typically do not attract passionless students to post their opinions.

    We do get “honest, well-thoughout responses” by the thousands every day…the proof is in the site itself.

  4. Pat Geil says: July 20, 20063:25 pm

    As a teacher and coach, I’m very concerned about your RateMyTeacher.com website. How can you claim that the site is there for teachers to improve in the classroom, and then allow people to post responses with complete anonymity? I spend almost 16 hours a day busting my ass between teaching and coaching, and the kid who doesn’t go to class, doesn’t do his or her work, and frankly doesn’t give a damn, can go online and rip me a new one without any consequences. Tell me, which teacher did such a number on you that you feel this is the only way to get back at them? At what point in your education were you so emotionally wounded? Or are you just trying to make a quick buck? Whatever the case may be, please stop lying to people about how this website is good for students and teachers. I promise you that if you made people post their names, you’d get honest, well-thoughout responses. I challenge you to make this change, and let the truth come out. Otherwise, your hurting the innocent, and rewarding the undeserving.

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