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June, 2013 Monthly archive

After many months of careful legal review, we’ve now officially spun PeekAnalytics out from PeekYou LLC into a new company. As of today, I am CEO of PeekAnalytics Inc. This spin-out will allow us to better focus resources and deliver to the market what has become an incredible product. I can truly say there is nothing else like it. Stay tuned.

Much of the same can be said for PeekYou, which has now recovered from Hurricane Sandy setbacks. PeekYou is in good hands and won’t skip a beat, with long-time employees Tom Lynch and Lane Gillespie stepping up to man the day-to-day operations. We still believe PeekYou should be one of the top-100 sites on the Web. The good news is we’re climbing back up those rankings. I’m stepping back from day-to-day business, yet will continue to advise the company as a Director.

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