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Partnered with Bolt.com

I recently moved to New York City, as I have partnered RateMyTeachers with a teen media company called Bolt.com. Bolt is selling targeted advertising for us at significantly higher rates than we were capable of on our own. So far, so good. I have also partnered with Bolt on a new venture called classface.com. If you have heard of TheFaceBook.com for college students, classface is essentially the same thing, except for high school students (using RateMyTeachers and Bolts significant membership to promote it). TheFaceBook attracts well over a million daily users and billions of page views each month. We are hoping to attract a similar audience. We’ll see.

Update (11/28/05): No longer working with Bolt.com. Classface has been renamed StudyBreakers.com.

  1. l mclean says: February 15, 20064:39 pm

    Dear Mr Hussey, I am a young teacher living and working in a primary school in Scotland. I was just wondering what kind of young, irresponsible man was behind the creation of a website which allows people to make libellous comments about the teaching profession. Have you ever considered that your site may be the contributer to a suicide? I don’t suppose that matters to you as long as you make money. The teaching unions in the UK are very aware of this site and have given the members assurances that they will fund any private prosecution that we may wish to bring. The law in the UK is very different to that of the USA when it comes to libel. If I have to be the first to start an action, then so be it and there is every possibility that you may be taken to court in this country. Your advertisers on the UK site all seemed to be horrified to be associated with what you are doing, and many of them are beginning to withdraw their advertising contracts with you. You photograph is everything I thought it would be, a young, money-obsessed youth who knows he is doing wrong but has a defiant attitude. This site could only have been creared by an American and I am going to try my best to have you closed down.

  2. Chris Clarke says: March 24, 20061:43 am

    Um, well…I don’t really know how to follow that…

    Just wanted to say hey, nice site, blah blah blah. Saw your comment on Yay! Sports, by the way, and came to your site.

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